“Celebrating” the first two years of kieranrobinson.com

TWO YEARS AGO I found myself between jobs and in need of something to keep me out of the pub.

Occupying that period of time some men call “gardening leave” with actual horticultural pursuits was never going to be an option, so on May the 1st 2014, I accepted a challenge to write 500 words on the “positive aspects” of the Lance Armstrong affair, and so kieranrobinson.com was born.

Since then, my ramblings and half-baked observations have received some really positive feedback from many people with brains much bigger than my own and led to some quite interesting invitations. In fact, I’m proud to say that articles from this very website have been seen by people in no fewer than 118 countries across the globe from Zimbabwe to Albania (though strangely we still await our first visit from North Korea). 

“An Itch I Needed To Scratch”

As a boy I always had a passion for writing and as I got older (rather than grew up) I missed the opportunity to put pen to paper and the outlet for expression it gave me. The need to write was an itch I needed to scratch and this minuscule corner of the interweb has let me do it my way.

An advert for a manufacturer of very expensive timepieces once noted that “time is the most precious thing one can possess;” and with so many more important calls on my time, postings on kieranrobinson.com have become more infrequent. There is still so much I’d like to do with this website and bringing more variety is top of the agenda.

I thank you for visiting, if this is your first visit for a while and if you’ll indulge the self-promotion, you may like to take a look at some of my “greatest hits” below:

kieranrobinson.com’s most popular posts

Vic Buckingham, Spurs, West Brom, Barcelona, Ajax, Olympiacos
Vic Buckingham laid the foundations for Total Football and Ajax to flourish. credit@Ajax.nl

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New QPR badge 2016, New Queens Park Rangers Crest
Queens Park Rangers fans have chosen a version of the popular 1980s crest to adorn their shirts for generations to come.

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Class of 92, Salford City, Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Butt, Lim credit@walesonline.co.uk
Class of 92, Salford City, Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Butt, Lim credit@walesonline.co.uk

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Chesterfield, QPR, Chesterfield Bastard Squad, Saltergate
A visit to Saltergate to see QPR lose in the driving wind and rain. credit@CentreCirclePublishing

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Michael Portillo, Great British Railway Journeys, Steam Trains, Jackets, Bradshaws Guide 1863
Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo. credit@Fremantle Media

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Five Posts You Might Have Missed

Oasis, What's the Story Morning Glory, 20 years old, Time's No Chain
What’s the Story Morning Glory is 20 years old

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The other Luis Suarez of Barcelona and latterly of Internazionale and Sampdoria
The Golden Galician, Luis Suarez Miramontes of Deportivo, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Sampdoria.

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Qatar awarded 2022 World Cup credit@CreativeCommons
Qatar awarded 2022 World Cup credit@CreativeCommons

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Alcides Ghiggia, Uruguay, Maracana, Montevideo, World Cup
Alcides Ghiggia: Remembering Uruguay’s 1950 World Cup hero of the Maracana credit@Guillermo Giansanti39s

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Leicester City badge, fox hunting, Premier League
Fox Hunting in the Premier League

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2 thoughts on ““Celebrating” the first two years of kieranrobinson.com”

    1. Thank you Ryan, that’s really good of you.

      I wish you all the best in your recovery and look forward to reading more about your rehab and return to the field of play!

      Whatever you write, enjoy it and try not to get too hung up on stats and search engines (early mistake I made when blogging – just write).

      All the best.

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